Why work with me rather than with another translator? In an unregulated market where the worst is out there amongst the best, it is difficult to find translators who combine these different guarantees of seriousness and quality.

  1. Well-known quality of work.
  2. Good quality/price ratio.
  3. Srict attention to deadlines.
  4. Very available.
  5. Extremely meticulous.

Varied skills

Perfect knowledge of all aspects of technical translation:

  • Translation, localization
  • Proofreading of technical writing, quality control
  • Stylistic and technological constraints (style guides, glossaries, etc.)
  • (regular use of Trados Workbench, SDL)

Quality and productivity:

  • Very demanding concerning the quality of a technical translation (technical precision, but equally style and the quality of the French)
  • Average productivity of 2,500 words per day with guaranteed quality
  • Strong capacity for learning and self-training (procedures, new tools, etc.)

Expert with the following technologies and software :

  • PCs and Macs
  • Data bases, Internet, software, hardware, networks, operating systems, etc.
  • Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Publisher)
  • Trados version 7 (Workbench, MultiTerm, TagEditor)
  • SDLX, Fortis, Déja Vu, Wordfast